Monday, February 23, 2009

Bird seed at the sensory table?

Not a good idea.

Bird seed, seems pretty simple, though messy I would say.

I found out this weekend at the birthday party that one day last week at school (during "nap") a child threw a piece of bird seed at Sofia so she then tossed it at another friend (the friend she says she is going to marry) and it bounced off of that friends cheek and rolled into his ear. So as the day goes on at school, apparently he shoved the seed down deep into his ear. His Mom took him to Urgent Care, they could not remove it. Took him to ENT doc, they could not get it out.
He had to have outpatient surgery for them to go deep into his ear and suck out the seed.

Yes, my child. The same child who asked me tonight if she was an Angel everyday or just somedays. Hmmm, that is questionable my dear.

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