Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family pictures in your house, what do you think?

Update - I also just wanted to clarify that I personally like to have pictures out for others to see. At my house, we do most of our living upstairs, so that is why I put most of them upstairs in my house. I also have oil paintings of my daughter that hang along my stairs, because I certainly want those out for everyone to see!

I want to thank everyone for their feedback and I agree with all of you--that no matter what HGTV says, make your home just that--YOUR home!

So how do you feel about posting portraits, etc. in your home? I know HGTV really frowns upon having too many portraits of kids, etc. in your home?

I personally do not have any in the downstairs of my house. I like to keep them all upstairs. I actually don't mind them anywhere in your home. If I had a stand-alone family room from living room, I would have them downstairs too. But upstairs, I have them in my Master Bedroom and the playroom.

So what are your thoughts on this?


magnoliabelle said...

I think pictures make it a home. It's your home and if seeing your family and friends on your walls makes you happy, then go for it. Just take them down the day that HGTV comes to film for one of their shows:)

Laura said...

I have pictures framed all over the place! I love them all! It makes a house a home to me!

Rhonda said...


Your family IS IS IS your home! Place them wherever you like...I've
been told the same things from decorators, but if you'll notice the
most beautiful homes are the ones
that display LIFE! I have both portraits, as well as paintings and
various other art objects...And people always comment on the portraits the most. Well that's my 2 cents.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. Have a great Valentine's Day weekend!