Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our New House - Part 2 -Just Pics

My bedroom - ignore the workout tubes you see sticking out from under the bed!!

My desk in my room. I have never had my computer in my room but I sort of like it because I can watch tv and movies on it with hulu, etc. Now I will just have to keep my desk clean!
Part of my bathroom. This is an old sewing maching table, that I was able to put a shelf inside for storage. It works out good in this space.

Bathroom--notice the Celia Rivenbark - "Bless Your Heart, Tramp" book!!

The Guest Bed Room upstairs. Sofia's bathroom (that she never uses because she perfers mine) will also be the Guest Bathroom. My guest will have a gorgeous view of the mountains!

Another shot of the Guest Bedroom. Still need to determine drapes in this room.

The Playroom - better known as the "Stable".

Playroom again.

Looking at the Family room from the Kitchen. I have not put up my drapes yet, these were here. Notice the "free" tv cabinet I talked about here.

I will use it in the family room until I can find something I like better.

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