Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Award / Tag

Semi-Slacker Mom tagged and awarded me (and several other fabulous blogs) the Premio MEME Award. Here are the rules:

1. list 7 personality traits

2. tag/award 7 blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world

Here are my personality traits:

1. I am actually pretty quiet and reserved. Once I make friends, I like to try to keep them for life!

2. I am a people pleaser. I like to try to always tell people what they want to hear -- but in a sincere way. I try to find a solution.

3. I am not very organized. I'm even a bit sloppy - but if someone says they are coming to my house - BOY you would never know it!!

4. I try to never be angry. I do not like confrontation. I like apology emails or confrontation emails! I cry when I am angry.

5. I LOVE to plan parties and entertain.

6. I am Southern and proud of it and miss the South and all it means to me!

7. I am a bargain hunter all the way, but will still spend with the best of them (especially on clothes for my baby girl)!

Now, I am tagging and awarding this award to:

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1 comment :

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

We are so much alike! Except the bargain hunting. I'm too lazy!