Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flashback Friday

Well I just had a Flashback post yesterday, so ya’ll are probably tired of that but what can I say, not much happening around here. 

Unless of course, you like reading about my scorpion hunting.  Picture this:  me outside in my pjs and pink crocs with bug spray, blue light flashlight and a small frying pan.  Yes that is what I did for a while last night.  I killed 3 HUGE scorpions in my backyard last night.  They are so ugly and scary and I just hate them!  So I will be doing this most every night for a while.  YUCK! 

Of course, before that my evening was very exciting as I fixed my dishwasher!  It was not draining so I had to take it apart a little bit and clean it out and then put it back together. Exciting right? 

Then just to add a little more fun to the evening I decided to flip and rotate my king-size pillow top mattress.  Well, I managed to do it but not without breaking a glass knic knac from my dresser. 

I also did 3 loads on laundry, took out the trash and gave myself a mini-pedicure before my fancy pedicure and manicure here tomorrow with a few of my friends from work.  We are using our prize money we won at our awards banquet in April.  So my feet need lots of help so I had to fix them up a little bit before letting the ladies at the spa fix them!!!

Now without further delay…my Flashback Friday!


Well clearly this is not my Sofia.  I decided since I posted a flashback of Fia yesterday, I would flashback to someone else today.  No, this isn’t just a random child!  This sweet baby is my wonderful friend Elizabeth’s son, Reid.  This picture was taken in 2000 at my parent’s house while I was babysitting Reid for Elizabeth.  He was just so darn cute and I was loving a new camera and loving all those flowers on our farm.  So there you go! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Laura said...

Okay the pink crocs and frying pan got me! Hilarious!!

jill said...

okay, friend. i need to know WHY you were looking for scorpions? were they coming in the house? i got stung by one when i was in college, and my roommates and i were so scared that we called 911! 6 very, VERY hot firemen laughed their asses off at me! and i looove calling your girl Fia. that's too cute! way to go with the dishwasher too, ms. fix it!!!!