Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meal Plan Monday - the Highs and Lows so far for September

It's Monday and I'm linking back up with The Org Junkie to share my meal planning for the month of September.

If you'e visited before, you remember this post, where I shared our meal plan for the whole month of September.

I must say, my life is SO much easier with a plan! I grocery shop once per week for the next week (typically on Thursday or Friday afternoon) and I am doing pretty good staying on budget. This was our first month to have a "budget" of $400. I'm going to go over it, but this is a work in progress! lol

This is my actual menu calendar:
Now, most of these recipes are all brand new to me! You can find them on my board here!

I thought since we were into the month a little, I would highlight some of our hits (and the misses) so far.

Last week we had:

Monday - BBQ Ribs with this rub. Bib Bob's is from my hometown and they are amazing! I also made the loaded baked potato salad (below) and we had grilled corn on the cob.

Tuesday - I made the blackened salmon w/ mango salsa (below) and green beans. I did not like this. Not sure if it was the salmon or the seasoning. No need to repeat this recipe.

Wednesday - I made this Potato Chip Chicken - it was a HUGE hit! I couldn't make this Field Pea salad because apparently no one in AZ knows what a field pea is so I made the Outback mac and cheese from below. THE MOST AMAZING mac EVER!

Thursday - I threw in the towel and we had leftovers!

Friday - Honey and I dined out with a friend of his at Olive and Ivy. Tasty but no need to visit again.

Saturday - We had chili dogs, this cole slaw and these AMAZING jalepeno poppers! Oh and Saturday morning, a near catastrophe--we didn't have enough stuff for pancakes or sticky buns!  So luckily, I found this recipe for easy cinnamon rolls. They were ok in a pinch!

The good news: almost everything was great! We did not love the Wagon Wheel Pasta salad or the Salmon with Mango Salad. Those two will not make it into the repeat list. I've almost got my October Meal plan complete. You can check it out here.

So, how is your meal planning coming along? In case you haven't noticed, my life would be a wreck without Pinterest!


Laura said...

Great job! I'm going out to your board right now. I haven't been able to find a really good pasta salad I like, either. As I was reading your post, I remembered Sofia is a picky eater and when she was younger, you tried to sneak in veggies. How is all that working out?

Bama Girl in AZ said...

She still hates them. I force them on her. No dessert and bedtime after dinner if she doesn't eat them! lol

Elizabeth said...

Popping over from MPM and saying hi to a fellow Bama girl! Have a great week!