Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Hi everyone! So happy to be able to chat with y'all from my office again. Let's face it, once I get home there is too much other stuff to do! I gotta blog from the office or it just doesn't seem to happen.

This week....

Well, I'm not happy with school so far for Sofia. Homework is not really the problem - there doesn't seem to be any of it! There are no books that come home and I'm not sure I love the teaching methods they use for math these days. In social studies, she has only had one grade and the made a 79 on it and I am not happy about that at all. Other than that, she has all A's. I can only  hope they have more assignments soon!!

Sofia has a neighborhood friend which makes me very happy! Those 2 are joined at the hip! They play horses and with the dogs and ride bikes a ton! This I like especially cause well, Sofia needed to lose a few pounds and she has! 4 to be exact. Ok I know that must sound bad. I'm thinking my nearly 10 year old needs to lose weight, but based on her height, she does. She has been eating better, snacking less and is getting more active!

Speaking of getting more active, this girl has hit the gym again for 60 minute (at least) cardio sessions. I'll add the weights back soon. Y'all might remember or know that I lost 50 lbs from 10/2011-6/2012. Well....I've since but on about 20 lbs. It just isn't fair!! Unless I cut out ALL and I mean ALL carbs, I gain instantly, regardless of my exercise routines.  It is really tough to stay motivated with a body that reacts so quickly to food.

So anyway, starting over with right now a balanced 1200 calorie day, 60 minutes of cardio and will soon switch back to no carb. But I need to learn once and for all, that exercise (hard exercise) must be a part of my every day life - FOREVER! 

In more fun news, I received my lovely monogrammed, chevron infinity scarf in the mail yesterday. I ordered it from here. 

And in even MORE exciting news, my Honey is taking me away for the weekend for a belated birthday weekend! It's a surprise (but I think I know where we are going :) )

This week in Pinterest, I put several recipes to work. You can check them out on my September or October Meal plan boards here

I also worked on this project for Sofia's room.


Laura said...

Okay....for some reason I can comment today. Blogger hasn't been letting me do that lately. We'll see when I press the publish button. Anyhoo, love the scarf! Glad to know I'm not the only one totally freakin' out about school! Have fun on your trip this weekend!

Maggie Elizabeth said...

I just love the scarf!! Super cute!!