Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend of Nothing Much

Am I wasting away my weekend if I don't "do" anything?

Friday I hit up the gym for some cardio. Truthfully watching Gossip Girl motivates me to go!

* side note - I miss my spray tan!

We really didn't do anything this weekend. To me, sometimes those are the BEST weekends!

I did go for a 10 mile run on Saturday - which felt great!! I napped, hit up Costco, Target, Home Depot, WalMart and Sonic. That's about it!

Saturday Honey and I went to Walmart to shop for Easter baskets. He went a little overboard! Seeing as how he is Jewish and he has never bought for Easter baskets, I think he got a little carried away!
(he entertains the commercial aspect of Christian holiday for me :) )
We bought the same candy for all 3. This is the final product for one of the boys. There is SO much candy in here (and a beef jerky or 3)! Keep in mind, his boys are 12 and 13!! Sofia has the same candy and a few other treats in hers. The boys both got fun t-shirts.

Sunday I took Sofia to her riding lesson and she did SO good! By far her best lesson yet!

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Becky M said...

I miss my spray tans too!! I couldn't keep up with the cost. But I just found "fake bake 60 min" and it works so great and is way more cost effective!
And no you def aren't wasting a weekend away if you do nothing :)