Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hello Friday! I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika! Join in!

Y'all - I am LOVING the stone going up at our house!! Can't believe how much they have done already! In case you are thinking about going red on your house, I shared all the details here.

Business travel brought be back to Scottsdale, AZ this week. I decided sushi was a much needed dinner! I visited Sumo Maya - it's an Asian Mexican Fusion restaurant. Very tasty and fantastic energy!

Details!! We are approaching the point where we are starting to pick our details for the house!  This week one of our three kitchen island pendants arrive this week! We got this one for only $40 (regular price $169 from West Elm.  I am in love with the blown glass details!

We also picked out this beauty for the master bath!

This hat! Love and I owe it all to Andrea because I saw her wearing it on Insta one day. I immediately went on search for it and finally tracked it down on Dejavu but sadly I see it is out of stock again. It's Judith March.

Honey bought me my first pair of REAL Texas cowboy boots for my birthday! I am in love with them! You can find them here.


audra wray said...

What a cool home project! So much fun! I love the farmhouse style!

Camille Columbia said...

whoa! i didn't even know you could stone up a house (if that's the right term??) but that looks A MAZ ING!! Stopping by from the linkup

Ida Arias said...

The stone looks AH-mazing!!! excellent choice on the lighting! Can't wait to see it all finished!

Mrs. K said...

Your tub is a-may-zing! Love it!
Love your hat & boots too!

April Parrish said...
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April Parrish said...

So much goodness all in one post! Love your home and the's going to be beautiful! Love that bath tub too!
Your hat and cowgirl boots are awesome!
Have a blessed weekend!