Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cowgirl Sofia's 5th Birthday Bash

Wow, it was a great and day and whew, it is over! Everything went really well--except that the ponies were 10 minutes late and I was in a panic!! Everyone came to the party that said they were (except one) and it was a lot of fun! The ponies were a big hit but the kids sure enjoyed the bounce house too! All in all, a great day for my soon to be 5 year old! Lot's of pics!

My little Cowgirl

Sweet baby Charlee (see more of her here)

The Birthday girl who shed her boots quickly

getting the food table ready: chex mix, trail mix, cracker jacks, cheeze its, pigs in a blanket (thanks Laura) , capri suns and water.

Sofia and her daddy
Uncle Ricky

Me and my little Cowgirl
"Aunt" JessicaTONS of presents!!!

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