Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Beach Fun

Today was a great Thanksgiving! We all ate lunch at a local seafood joint across the street from the condo, Live Bait. They had all the traditional Thanksgiving fare. It was all really good. We then headed back to the beach to relax and enjoy the warm day. Today was by far the warmest day we have had here. We buried Sofia and Caroline in the sand, made castles and just realxed on the beach. Of course we did lots of walking and managed to find another sand dollar. Tonight we had a snack fest for dinner with shrimp cocktail, guacamole (made by me), beef steak tomatoes (Eliz made, yummy) and lots of other snacks. It was a perfect end to a great day with friends.

By the way, this condo is beautiful with 3 bedrooms and it is right on the beach. It is located in Phoenix V on Orange Beach. Let me know if you are ever looking for a great condo to rent for your next beach vacation!
I am sad to leave tomorrow:( Here are a few shots from the day!
Sunrise on Orange Beach

Sofia was so kind to take this pic of me!!
My little beach beauty
These birds are just nice to take pics of

It was so warm today, Sofia had all the beach toys out.

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Laura said...

I know you were NOT wearing Crimson and saying Roll Tide!!!! So you decided to switch to the winning team, huh?