Sunday, November 30, 2008

Has Orange and Blue turned Crimson and White?

So growing up I found myself to be an Auburn fan, well because my family was. Not the sort of die hard fans many are but just Auburn fans. So since I have moved from Arizona, I have always cheered for both teams when they are on tv since they are from my home state. However, since being gone, I have felt I should claim the Crimson Tide as my "team" since they are the State University. So since I knew I would be seeing friends and going to the game (well tailgating at least) I felt I needed to make a decision. So you know orange and blue really are not the prettiest of colors, so the Crimson Tide won! Well, ok maybe it is also the fact that they are having an AWESOME season. Yes, I am a fair weather fan. Gotta get on the bandwagon and all. Oh well! Sofia has excelled at the ROLL TIDE cheer and this weekend was a great 1st time fan experience. Great time with great friends and some great pics! So nothing else to say but ROLL TIDE!!! Oh and on a not so good note, clearly living in the desert I have forgotten how to walk in the rainy weather and slipped and fell twice on the campus and landed on my knee once and my knee hurts still and is a little bruised and swollen. I also stepped in a hole at one of the sorority houses. Other than that, a great experience.

me and sofia outside the stadium, she is chewing on her Roll Tide bracelet:

the band

Eliz and Joel

fia and her pom poms

fia outside of Eliz's mother's house

I love this picture of Sofia and the cheerleaders!
Big Al with E, Joel, Caroline and Reid

Me, Sofia and Big Al

The band on the Quad was awesome!

Game Day morning in Demopolis

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Laura said...

Okay, I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous!!! Wayne is going to DIE when he sees the pics of you guys with the cheerleaders and Big Al!!! That right there would be my Christmas card, Sista!