Monday, August 10, 2009

1st Day of School

We had a great morning!  Drop off on the playground (at #86) was hot but fine.  I walked Sofia out to her number and we found her line to put her backpack down.  She then talked with her teacher and classmates.  She was a little quiet and I thought she might cry, but she didn’t!  I didn’t either!  She did decide she needed to bring her blanky so we tucked it inside her backpack. 

School 059  School 060 School 061

First year that her back to school outfit isn’t smocked!!

School 063 School 064 School 065

Sofia and Miss Rowe

School 066 School 072

The first bell rang at 7:40…time to get her backpack on and get ready to go in!

School 075

Showing her lunchbox to a friend.

She blew me a kiss on her way in and had a big smile on her face!  Good luck to my baby girl!!


Laura said...

OMGosh! I've been crying all day just thinking about Alise starting school next week!

Sofia looks so sweet and adorable as always! Did it kill you that she wasn't wearing something smocked?

Miss Janice said...

...And so her life begins! She looked absolutely adorable and I love her monogrammed backpack:)