Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Saturday Stuff

Just a regular Saturday with not too much happening – just the way I like it!  Sofia had ballet this morning and we stopped at a couple of yard sales on our way there – I’ll post those finds later.  After that we just came home and played and now I am supposed to be cleaning the house.  Well, I’m working on it! 

Sofia is busy doing one of her favorite things – taking a shower.  But she is not alone:

 dog 007 dog 008 dog 009  dog 011 dog 012 dog 013 

That is our new friend, Lilly!  She is a chocolate lab/ pointer.  She is really cute and is Sofia’s new best friend.  In the shower they are playing vet/ dog groomer.  The dog loves water!


Moving on to the next random topic.

This is the work Sofia brought home after her first week of school. 

  dog 019

School is going great and Sofia really likes her teacher.  It was a great first week. 

have a great rest of the weekend!


Laura said...

Ahem! Great week at school? I'm still waiting to hear about the "fiasco"! LOL!!

jill said...

love the pup! and LOOOOVE the shower pics! too cute! the school stuff looks good, mom! she writes her name like a pro! ohmigosh i would LOVE to have one like her in my class!

Kelley said...

That is such a cute post! My little one starts preschool on Monday. Sofia has been doing a lot of work at her school from the pictures you posted.