Monday, August 10, 2009

A dinner conversation (sort of)

So many of you know Sofia does not eat fruits or veggies.  I mean none – except for the baby food I smuggle into brownies, pancakes, etc.  Well I have just about had it!  It is really a mental thing – I think.  I mean when you try to get her to eat them she starts crying (with huge tears) and acting as if she was being tortured.  It as if she is afraid of them.

Tonight though I have reached a limit with fighting with her about it.  I have already discontinued any snacks or food after dinner if she does not eat the veggies or fruit and that doesn’t seem to make any difference.  This is what happened:

Dinner was homemade chicken noodle soup with carrots, corn and celery.  I told her she needed to eat some carrots and corn – the tears start pouring down her face.  Crying about being able to taste them, they taste different from the corn, etc.  I mean huge tears as if she was being left alone by herself forever.  Actual fear it would seem of the vegetables.  So I just finally told her that because she was not making smart decisions with her food I was not going to play tonight. No veggies = no play time with mommy.  We normally play (whatever she wants) for 1 hour each night before bed.  Well this of course made more tears come, she ate one more carrot and a piece of corn (which she later took out of her mouth).  Needless to say, dinner did not go well.

So, what should I do?  Is this normal behavior? Does she need to see a dietician perhaps?  Anyone have any experience with this level of difficulty?

Oh and when I say she eats none – I mean NONE.  Not even the sweet ones like strawberries or melons. No grapes.  Nothing.  No apples with caramel.  Nothing.


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InsLady said...

I soooo feel your pain. Cason has been the exact same way since..... BIRTH. He is 9 and struggles with good disgestive health. We incorporate lots of juice and tons of fiber to help with ours. He really likes Nurtigran bars, oatmeal and popcorn. Our peditrician doesn't like it but what can you do? Deal with absolute misery everytime you sit down to a meal... Good luck and please let us know if you find the trick to kid-friendly eating.