Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sometimes Rules Stink

So I am just reading the Family Handbook from Sofia’s school district and found some of the rules to be a little harsh if not sad.  Makes me think back to how different things were when I was in elementary school.  Here are a few standouts:

  • No balloons, cakes, candy, flowers, etc. are allowed on campus.  This ensures instructional time is protected and that all students are treated equally.  My opinion – so then we should not expect to see any teachers or administrators receiving any of these items on their special occasions. Correct?
  • Party invitations may not be distributed at schools and student’s individual birthdays will not be recognized.  Classroom parties will happen 4 times per year. My opinion – well that is just mean!
  • Student and parents are discouraged from presenting gifts to teachers and other staff members.  My opinion – well I guess I don’t feel bad about not buying a teacher gift.
  • Parent requests to observe the classroom are to be in advance and scheduled with the permission of the teacher and admissions office.  My opinion – so much for the teacher saying we were welcome anytime!
  • Ride one person to a bike when riding a bike to school. 
  • In the cafeteria, have a pleasant but quiet conversation.  My opinion – yeah right!
  • A few interesting items from the banned items list:  sunflower seeds, eggs, balloons, stickers, toys, silly string, glue.  My opinion – no glue?  Wait didn’t I just buy $9 worth of glue for the classroom?
  • Begging or asking for money or food is not allowed.

Wow, good times ahead!


jill said...

no freakin' birthdays?!?!?? i do more for some of my kids on their birthdays than their own parents! you've GOT to be kidding me?!?!? i'm telling you ... send that baby to my room and we'll have a birthday BASH!

Laura said...

Can't really comment yet, because I don't receive my own handbook until next Sunday. But $9 glue?!? Holy, moly!!

~Caro~ said...

Are you kidding me?!! they cannot be serious! OMG they are wacked!!
How can you give out invitations to classmates if not in school?! I'm blown away!
Here (Montreal, Canada) I go to my kids' classes on their birthday (and for the one that has a summer birthday, I go a month later on the same day... she's aug 22, so I go sept 22). with cupcakes or such things! It's actually encouraged!!

amywelborn said...

Crazy, they are taking all the FUN away from school! No stickers??? No birthdays??? Ugh!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Seriously. That is like the total opposite of our school.