Sunday, August 25, 2013

September Meal Plan - I'm organized!

I must admit, I'm so proud of this accomplishment, I'm linking up with the Organizing Junkie! 

My Honey and I have decided we need to get better about planning our meals so we aren't heading off to the grocery 4-5 times each week. Plus, we know we overspend by shopping in that way. So I challenged myself by planning not 1 week, but 4 weeks of meals! 

In addition, we have given ourselves a $400 per month budget for all our groceries.  That is the scariest part!

Where's a girl to turn when it's time for mega planning like that? Well Pinterest of course!! I reviewed all the stuff I had pinned to my YUM board and then made a new September Meal Plan board. It was SO easy!

Now first let me say that I get a few nights off while Honey travels for business (boo). We also did not plan to cook every Saturday night because we try to have 1 date night per week. 

I made a calendar and put everything down on a day that made sense for our activity calendars, etc.   

Now I still have to do the shopping for the ingredients, but I have made the list and cleaned out the fridge and freezer! 

Saturday when we headed to the grocery for our ingredients for Saturday night we hit the jackpot and stocked up on chicken!  Woo Hoo - breasts and tenders were buy 1, get 2 free! I also got 3 whole chickens on sale, ribs, turkey breasts and ground turkey. We are all set!

So if you need any ideas, head on over and check out my Pinterest boards. I'll be back later to post reviews on the new recipes! 


Laura said...

Sounds like a plan. This menu planning and shopping may be fun after all.

Audra said...

I have been planning on doing a monthly meal plan and trying to get to the point where I have a rotating supply of recipes to use. Time to get all of those pinned recipes organized and get to cooking.