Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Why isn't it Friday? No wait, I'm not ready! It takes a lot of packing and planning to get 5 people ready for 8+ days in an RV! I've been making list after list, putting things in piles and trying to get organized! Thank goodness for Pinterest!  I mean you can find anything there!! 

I've gotten packing tips, fun ideas and recipes galore! I just hope I don't forget anything. We went to the library today and stocked up on books and DVDs for the trip. I sure hope everyone has enough to keep them busy. The last thing I want to hear is the dreaded..."ARE WE THERE YET?"

Have you taken your kids on a road trip? If so, share your tips!!

And just because I hate to post without a picture, this is what I am thinking for 1st Day of School Teacher gift (from Pinterest, of course).

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