Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time to pretty up the door - Pinterest Told Me To!

I was so tired of coming home to our sad, unadorned front door. Now, even though we use the garage to come and go, our front door needed something! So after checking out the latest and greatest wreath ideas on Pinterest, I knew this burlap trend was for me! So naturally I wanted to add some red (not only is it my favorite color but hello...Roll Tide Roll!

I stopped my local crafty shop and stocked up (used my coupons) on supplies. I used:

  • 16" metal wreath
  • 2 10 yard rolls of natural burlap ribbon
  • 1 10 yard roll of red, wired burlap ribbon
  • wooden letter for the man of the house's last name (also my maiden name and "s" for Sofia)
  • string for attaching the "S" and attaching the burlap in a few spots
Total spent - around $20

Now, there are tons of tutorials on Pinterest. I used this one. The tutorial is pretty easy, but you kinda have to figure out your system. Then just fluff and rearrange it till it looks how you want it to look!

So here is is half way thru and then the final product. What do you think? Please ignore the messy porch. Are you into the burlap craze? What has Pinterest told you to do lately?

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Laura said...

AWESOME!!! Love it! And yes! I am in to burlap!!