Sunday, July 6, 2014

CraigsLi$t ROCKS - Dining Room Side Chairs

It's time for another edition of CraigsLi$t ROCKS!!

A couple weeks ago after we had went to San Antonio to pick up these chairs I was back on CL and happened to check out the San Antonio site. I started down my list of "items I'm searching for" and stumbled across these:

She had 8 total and she wanted (are you ready) $220 for ALL OF THEM of you could buy them separately.  It was one of those moments when you just KNOW something is meant to be! I quickly emailed and waited for response. The ad had only been up for about 4 hours.

I soon got a response that someone was coming to get some of them in about 2 hours. I was SO bummed. So I thought fast, emailed her back, told her I would take all and pay her $50 more than asking.

A few minutes later...WE HAD A DEAL!! Sweet! Only bad thing - we had to go the same day to pick up. So my sweet Honey got in the car and headed south to get them! How awesome is he??

These chairs are going to be perfect at our 9 foot custom-made arm table. And they coordinate great with my CL Restoration Hardware bar stools I shared here.

So I knew I was getting an awesome deal - 8 chairs for $270 but I quickly went to researching where I could find the chairs online.

Here they are:

Retail cost: $179 each (plus shipping) x 8 = over $1400 for chairs!!

Woo Hoo - CL Wins again!!

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Becky M said...

Great finds! They will look amazing!!