Thursday, November 14, 2013

iPhone Dump and Ready for the Weekend!

Today is my Friday at work!! Woo Hoo - we are headed to Nebraska tomorrow.  I'm excited to go and visit where Honey lived and of course ready to cheer "Go Big Red" (of course I'll be saying "Roll Tide Roll" on the inside!

Coming from Phoenix and 80/90 degree weather meant I needed to search deep in the closet for cold weather gear. I came up pretty empty-handed. So that meant I needed to stop by Ross. I love Ross. I really do. It almost never lets me down. Example: wanted camo skinny  jeans - found em at Ross for $15.99. Wanted new higher heel black knee boots - found great leather BCBG option at Ross for $69. See - Ross RULES!  Now of course sometimes it has nothing. But rarely. I scored a sweater, jeans and a couple of scarves for the trip. As well as another pair of brown knee boots with a wedge heel.

So for the game I'm wearing skinny jeans, the wedge knee boots, a white button up (or denim) under a red crew neck sweater and a pretty scarf. I'll probably also have to take my thick jacket too, just in case. This outfit will be perfect for the game and bar-hopping afterwards. Pics to come for sure!

OK, let's dump some photos from the iPhone.

Weather for this weekend. What?

I sent this text to Honey this am for him to see when he woke up. 
 How I started my day to today (and Thursday) Orange Theory Fitness kicks butt!
 I skipped my morning workout on Wednesday. I had guilt.  Major guilt.
 I took 1/2 of the German Chocolate bundt cake to work. It last 2 seconds.
 These just made me laugh.

 19 months and counting of my nail polish of choice: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
 That my lunches look like. Carbs are the enemy.
 Kinda true. I just can't get into Christmas decor before Thanksgiving. Ain't gonna happen.
 My personal cardio workout this week. After the stairs I do 20 mountain climbers and 10 push ups - before I go to the treadmill for the second half. Do this 3 times and you will be BEAT!
 THIS back porch. Yes Please.

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