Thursday, November 21, 2013

iPhone Dump

My Baby Girl - 10 years ago!

Christmas in Alabama, 2011 (the year of the ultimate surprise visit to my family)
 Opening presents. She is a Rainbow Loom jewelry-making crazy girl now!

 Lunch at school with Fia for her birthday: Subway and Oreos. Winning.

 I saw this on Facebook and loved. Sent to my Honey.

This just made me laugh and think of my friend, Jacque. 

Saw this frame in the bookstore in Nebraska. No thanks for $40. I'll make my own!

A Pinterest funny. Sent this to my Honey as well. He laughed.

I pretty much killed it this morning at Orange Theory!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday Sofia! Who needs a Husckers frame anyway? Roll Tide!!