Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend in Review - Nebraska

This weekend was super fast and super fun! Honey and I left on Friday for Nebraska to visit his high school hometown and to go to the Nebraska football game on Saturday. We had a great time!

We headed out Friday morning around 10 and the plane was packed with Huskers fans! Very high energy! It was beautiful weather when we arrived and it was so nice to get in and out of the airport quickly!

Rocking one of my new scarves as I wait at the airport! Gotta love the scarf options at Ross!

Our first stop - Runza! Honey often talks about these sandwiches. I didn't know what it was really, but it did NOT disappoint! Loved it! I had 2 more over the weekend!

We left Omaha and drove over to Bellevue, where my Honey went to high school. We saw lots of deer in front yards and it was nice to see where he grew up. We went by his old high school and visited his parent's resting place (an emotional stop, but one I felt honored to be a part of).

 After touring Bellevue, we headed over to the Old Market in Omaha and bar-hopped for a while. We started out at Nosh. Great Moscato, but stay away from the duck tacos.
 After a few more stops, it was time for diner we somehow ended up at Plank. I mean who goes to Omaha for seafood - but it DID NOT disappoint! We sat at the oyster bar and they were so good, so fresh! YUMMY! Also, the Bloody Mary was SO good. Very smoky.  A must try! Honey had the mojito and it was very tasty too!

Saturday morning bright and early we went for breakfast at another one of Honey's local favorites, the Garden Cafe. We each had the New Hampton Casserole - grilled chicken, potatoes, onions, cheese and hollandaise sause!

After breakfast we headed down to Lincoln and went to check in at The Corn Husker. Here I am waiting..wearing another new scarf! $7.99 from Ross! Oh and ignore how badly my roots need attention. 

After the hotel was taken care of, it was time to tour around the campus! It was so nice to skip the jacket and just have a light sweater on over my Husker t-shirt. I shed the sweater pretty quickly too. We went to the bookstores, Honey's frat house (which is now oddly enough a sorority house) and then it was time to get our pre-game celebrations started!

First stop - Sandy's, home of the Elk Creek Water (see below :))

Then we went to Duffy's, but it was sad and empty. So we headed down to Haymarket and ended up on the rooftop at Barry's! This joint was the place to be!! 

Rooftop (4 Bloody Mary's later) at Barry's in a sea of red!

 After our fun at Barry's, it was time to head over to the stadium! I was so excited! My first time as a Husker and my first college game in a while! Great seats, great weather and a really great atmosphere!

Game time selfie - not sure the dude behind me is happy about it....

The red balloons were flying after the first score! 
Sadly, the Huskers lost, but the weekend was amazing!! Until next time, GO BIG RED!!

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Laura said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time!! Lots of eating and drinking! Ha! Love your scarves, too, by the way! Why can't I get that lucky when I got to Ross'?