Monday, November 4, 2013

Meal Plan Monday - November

It's time for another Meal Plan Monday post! If you've visited before, you know I meal plan a month in advance. This helps me with time saving and budget following. You also know Pinterest is my best friend. So without delay, this is November!

As you can see by the colored sections, I do get a few nights "off" this month for celebrations and such. 

All of my recipes can be found on my Pinterest Board, November Meal Plan.   I don't repeat very often. I like trying new stuff at our house. I think this month there are 2 repeats. 

After I try a new recipes, I'll come back here and recap the previous week's hit or misses. 

Also, I do all my grocery shopping at Walmart - except meat. I do not buy meat from Walmart. I've been disappointed with the quality every time I've tried. So typically I buy meat from Fry's (Kroger) or Costco. 

Each week I try to follow this pattern: 1 ground beef, 1 steak or other beef, 2 chickens and maybe a fish. I like to try to work 1 night of leftovers into the week as well. However, it doesn't always happen because my Honey does a great job of eating leftovers for lunch when he is in town. 

Up first this week:

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The Mrs. said...

You are SOOOOOOOOO good. I'm not sure I can do a month in advance. I try for a week in advance. I cannot have the same thing twice in a month and I'm kind of snooty about leftovers. I need to get over that!