Thursday, May 14, 2009

An American Girl kind of night

So yesterday was a fun evening of American Girl at our house - well and those Target dolls that are like AGs. Sofia has only AG doll, she got it for her birthday last year and she has really enjoyed her so we will probably add to the collection around the holidays. Most of the clothes I have found at the local thrift stores - which is awesome considering how much they cost!

So we basically had a little AG fashion show and had a few laughs because we name the girls different names each time. Last night - Sarah Kate, Anna Claire, Celeste and Emma!

Enjoy our little fashion show!

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jill said...

so i've not fallen into the expensive doll trap. yet. but it's coming. i can feel it in my bones. too cute! but with my genes, sophie will want to collect louis vuittons instead of dolls. ha!