Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby 135

As a child I grew up with horses (along with many other animals) and I loved everything about them. I read every book I could find, bought magazines, spent hours upon hours at the barn with my horses. I remember every year when Derby time would roll around, I would watch every moment on tv and read every article in the paper (before cutting them out and adding them to my scrapbooks).

What an amazing day - Derby Day. As an adult, I don't know that I have ever missed a Derby on tv. This year, here in Phoenix, I am going with some friends to our local race track to watch the live races and the simulcast for the Derby. Should be tons of fun!

So what about you? Do you watch the Derby? Have you been to the Derby?

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debra said...

My most favorite day - derby day. I have been to the Preakness but not the derby. Hope you had fun celebrating @ your local track.