Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Book Worm

Sofia got her first library card today! She was very excited! She picked 16 books and 2 movies! She loves to "read" the books to me each night after I read them to her. She is very creative with her stories!!

Like myself as a child, she is picking all the horse and pony books the library has to offer. I hope this love of books will continue. I love to read! Mostly fiction for me - and yes I must admit, I do love a good romance book! No vampire stories though. I'm a sucker for a Nicholas Sparks book.

What about you? Do you love to read? What are your favorite types? Who is your favorite author?


InsLady said...

Love the new layout.... I am a fiction girl myself... I did just read a really good series by Cindy Woodsmall, called "Sisters of the Quilt."

Three book in the series about an Amish girl that falls in love and has to leave the Order only to return later one.

Laura said...

Congrats, Sofia! You'll really love the library now! Reading is great!

I love to read novels and biographies when I have time! I feel guilty for not reading to my daughter more.

Anonymous said...

I love Margaret Atwood's Robberbride. In fact, I may need to read it again soon!

Also...Anna Quindlen who has a similar story to mine being the oldest of three, only girl and losing her mother at about 22 years old. Her writing is simple and wonderful.

Last book I read? A business book called Empowerment Takes More than a wait....Smart Women Finish Rich - we should all read this book!

Next book? How to Win Friends and Influence People

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Try Michael Lee West - she's a blogger as well "Designs By Gollum" - I just read "Crazy Ladies" and "Mad Girls In Love" - both really good - taking a different turn with "Mrs. Kennedy" - but soon I'll return to Michael - her latest is "Mermaids in the Basement"