Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Heart Art Week

I'm Living Proof That God Has a Sense of Humor along with 3 Bay B Chicks & Domestically Challenged have joined together to celebrate art and being creative. Together, they are sponsoring an event called "We Heart Art" this week only, which gives you the chance to not only showcase your artwork or creative projects, but also your kid's handiwork. You can read the kick-off post here. Prizes for children and adults will be awarded to a few lucky winners selected at random. Thanks Semi-Slacker for posting this!

Sofia has always loved coloring, painting, play-doh, glue, name it! If she can craft with she loves it. I started letting her paint really early on because I just thought the pictures were so cute (see below). Since then if you mention crafts she is super - duper excited. I love all the stuff she makes at school and find myself wanting to keep all of it! So below are a few of my favorite things she has made. I remember the school she went to in TXevery week for the letter and the number of the week, they sent home a page where the children got to cover glue that was on the paper in the shape of whatever letter or number was that week and she LOVED this. My car was always covered in glitter though!

Currently, Sofia enjoys making lists of people's names (from school) and writing in notebooks, etc. Very school teacher-like. Of course she still loves glitter and glue!

Now, as for myself, well I can scrapbook. Does that count? I am not a very neat painter so when we go to the potter places, I usually just pick platters so I do not have to worry about really messing anything up!

Visit any of the three fabulous hosts to get all of the details, to enjoy artwork from others, and to see all of the AMAZING prizes that you can possibly win.

Hope you enjoy! Make sure you go here so you can link up with your works of art!
Butterfly from school this year
Turtle from school

handprints (to make wrapping paper) from school for mother's day

Red collage from school My current favorite. A flower for Valentine's day this year.

interesting color choices on this princess crown at the pottery painting place...

Collage of random stuff and those bingo markers

My ALL-TIME favorite. This is a really large canvas Sofia painted when she was 2. I let her wear only her diaper in the driveway!! and just go crazy with the paint! She was covered in it!

These are the pages from my scrapbook on the day Sofia created the canvases!


jill said...

so i'm convinced that sofia and i are kindred spirits. i am obsessed with crafty stuff ... especially glitter! my pre-k kiddos will be making that cute little turtle next week (hope you don't mind!). we made paper plate rainbow fish today ... fantastically cute! that canvas is amazing. sophie is SO doing one this summer! thanks for all the pictures ... kiddo artwork is incredible. i will have to invest in commercial storage buildings to store everything sophie ever makes. lotsa love to the budding artist and her fabulous mama!

*sara* said...

I love the scrapbook pages, her finger painting and the red collage! Very creative!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am laughing right now! I have seen at least 4 blogs with pics of turtles, which is my sons ObSeSsIoN! I am def. going to copy some ideas to make with him!