Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Dresses

I think one of the only things I really like about summer are Sofia's dresses. I mean it is 110+ degrees here in the summer - what's there to like? Anywho, if you have known me for long you know Sofia has been smocked and ready to go since birth (well really waaaaay before that) thanks to growing up in the South and knowing that sweet baby girls wear smocked clothing 'round the clock!! As she gets older and since we now live in Arizona, slowly the smocked clothing have started to dwindle as I semi-mainstream her clothing! Thank goodness for Kelly's Kids, Potato Saks, etc. she can just be appliqued!!! I also love Miss-Tee-V-us and Lilly.

So anyway, just wanted to share a pic of Sofia from school yesterday wearing one of my favorite smocked dresses - little hula girls. Oh, right about now I would rewind to her 1st summer and all those smocked bubbles!!


Laura said...

I am SO lovin' that dress!!! When you get ready to clean out Sofia:s closets again, please let me know!! Sofia is such a beautiful little girl!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Love it! Sass is about over smocking, but I've still got Baby Girl! And you know I love me some Kelly's Kids! Sass's fave is potato saks & Bo likes his Mis-tee-v-us short sets. They're soft! :)

Three under Three said...

cute dress! smocking will never go out of style for bebe's