Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hi, I'm Whitney. I'm a Christmas overshopper and things a 10 year old girl has to have (right).

There, I admitted it. I shop too much at Christmas. I do. I really do. I make a budget and I do stick to it, but I think the budget is too high. Now that being said, I really only shop for Sofia and Honey. Honey is Jewish so he's already gotten his goodies for the month but Santa still brings him a couple of things for the tree. I don't see my family during the holidays (I'm in AZ, they are in AL) so no gift buying there. But Sofia, well, that' another story.

Sofia writes her letter to Santa, I ask her what she asked for and then I make sure between myself and her Dad she gets those things. I guess that makes her spoiled. But, I don't buy her "stuff" all throughout the year. I promise!

This year she asked Santa for a Kindle Fire, Saige's Horse from American Girl, clothes like the girls from "Shake it up Chicago" wear (insert my gag) and Julie's bed from American Girl.

 Well, this Santa quickly vetoed the Kindle. She has every Apple product available, she doesn't need anything else! I told her I would not be buying so she moved on to the Grandparents. Well, she worked them because they are sending it to her.

Santa is taking care of the horse and bed and he added a few more things (below). I got her a few clothes (Justice) and some new shoes, undies and other randoms.

Now before you start thinking I'm only focused on the commercial side of the holiday, don't worry, we know the reason of the season too! But what can I say, shopping and wrapping are fun!



Laura said...

I personally think that Fia will rack up for Christmas! Alise is wanting Sage and we bought her the art easel that goes with it and a few other accessories. We've bought alot of "fillers," aka "junk" so she'll think she got alot. Isn't that sad? Once she learns the truth, we plan to have a LONG discussion about price and quantity!!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

See I do the same with Sofia. She has a couple of big but the rest are small. I just wrap it all. Sofia is a quantity kinda girl! lol