Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Recap, iPhone Dump and random stuff!

Sometimes I'm lazy. I'll admit it. At least when it comes to blogging! I read tons of blogs everyday, but I don't always maintain mine. Whoops!

Anywho, I'll just share a lot of random stuff as it comes to me (from the pics on my phone)!

I have seen this image several times but re-posted on Friday and had a hilarious Facebook discussion with folks about it! It is true though, I am not a pretty "sweater". When I workout, I'm not worried about looking pretty. I'm worried about skinny jeans! (see below)

 And speaking of skinny jeans, these skinny jeans are fitting better and better each time I wear them! Woo Hoo!!

Sofia had a super-fun Girl Scout meeting on Friday. They made tons of Christmas crafts and played games, etc. 

 I ran 6 miles on the treadmill one day last week. That made me feel better about my running.

Arizona is chilly!!!!
 This white mocha makes me happy! I don't need any fancier of a red cup than this!

This hair makes me happy. I showed Honey. I think he was distracted by other things. :)

Darker hair for the winter for me! However, it is a smidge darker than I wanted, but it will fade. Also - isn't my make-up too pale? I always wear Bare Minerals, but I think I picked too lite. Thoughts? Or maybe I am just that pale in the Winter?

New nail color for me on Saturday. Gray. I've been wearing Lincoln Park after Dark for the last year + so this was a change for me!

Honey and I cashed in a Travel Zoo voucher and went for a wine flight, cheese and dessert on Saturday night. There was a band playing and it was a nice way to end the evening that started with Thai for dinner and the movies to see Dallas Buyer's Club. The movie was ok but I need Matthew hot and sexy. Not skinny and dying.

Yesterday at Walmart I stood in front of the oatmeal for ages trying to remember what kind to buy - old-fashioned or quick. Thankfully Honey was at home and could go check the cupboard. 
 This morning my iced coffee (yes, I prefer iced coffee even when it is 35 outside) was SO good! Sugar-free peppermint creamer in my mocha coffee made me think I was drinking peppermint bark. I might have a new fave!

This was breakfast on Sunday! YUM - Lolo's Chicken and Waffles. If you are in Phoenix, you must go! It's worth doing 2 workouts per day to be able to enjoy this kind of goodness every now and again!

And lastly, to get a little more festive in the office, I decorated my Crimson Tide tree!

How was your weekend? Any snow in your neck of the woods?


Laura said...

Love the Bama tree!! Thanks for the heads up on the Matt McC movie. I think I will pass. I like my Matt hot and sexy, too!! I like the darker hair and I didn't think you're makeup looked too light. Maybe a shade darker tho. I've been thinking about going darker, too, this winter, but I think it would be waaay tooo drastic for me because I've been a fun blonde forever!! Happy Monday!!

Sarah @ The E Family Blog said...

I seriously cannot believe how grown up Sofia is looking! She was so little when i started reading your blog! Also, love your hair color. I think it looks great!!!

Allison said...

Chicken and waffles... oh yum!!! :) Looks amazing!