Monday, December 9, 2013

Strikers WIN!

Sofia had a make-up soccer game this past Friday night and another on Saturday morning at 8am. It was freezing outside!

Friday night - me and Honey bundled up and drank coffee! Sofia scored a goal and just barely missed a couple more!

Saturday morning - Sofia is wearing 2 long sleeve shirts, a jacket, gloves, hat, tights, 2 paris of socks and shorts because she said her tush was freezing in just tights!

I live this picture of her!

 Guess who scored the game-winning goal in the last seconds of the game? This girl, that's who!!

I'm bundled up. Hat, 2 jackets, long sleeve shirt, running tights, hiking wool socks and coffee! 

Only one more game left for the Strikers, I hope she gets another goal!

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Laura said...

Love all y'alls layers! Who knew it would be so cold in Arizona? But we're the same way here in Louisiana! I think it's been over a week without the sun and highs have been in the low 30's. It is just freaking COLD!!

Loved your Bama tree on FB!! Pisses me off about Albarn, but oh, well. I'm hoping hubs and I can make it to N'Awlins to see my Bama Boys play!! Sugar Bowl, Baby!!

Have a good week!