Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hi all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. We pretty much lazed around all weekend. I will admit, I love that. Honey gets bored with it, since he works from home, so we got out a little so he didn't go completely stir crazy!

Friday night we worked out together and then I made Runzas for dinner. Not sure what a Runza is? I'm not surprised. I had to idea what it was until we went to Nebraska.  Honey loves them so I wanted to try and recreate. Tasty, very tasty! I did not have time to make my own bread, so I bought Sister Schubert's rolls and we had Runza sliders. I used this recipe.

Saturday morning Sofia had her last soccer game until the spring. They won! She did not play her best, but she was happy the team won.

Our elf has gotten into some interesting things so far this year. I just love that Sofia still thinks she is magic!

Saturday after soccer, Honey and I went on an afternoon date for one of his Hanukkah gifts. We went to a flight simulator. Y'all, it was hard! We crashed our plane twice! We had a fun time and it was a new experience.

Sunday I took Sofia and a couple of friends from the neighborhood to see Frozen. We had a great time and the girls brought their AG dolls along for the fun. 

I started wrapping last week. Happy to be ahead!

I saw this shirt last week when I went to buy new running shoes. I want it. They only  had a small and well...

I threw together a Christmas card at the last minute. 
I'm super happy with my darker (healthier) hair. 

Lastly, our elf, Jazzy has been having a great time this year. 

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