Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

My Honey spoiled me with beautiful flowers!

  We celebrated the love holiday at home Friday night with Gluten Free pizza. It turned out pretty good. I also made these yummy Paleo German Chocolate cupcakes. They were AWESOME!


 We exchanged gifts and Honey like his but I was a terrible gift receiver as I was not happy with any of the shoes Honey bought me :( I was so excited that he had bought me shoes but we just weren't able to connect with the style. Rats.

I also celebrated with one of these refreshing (gluten free) treats!

Saturday Honey and I set off for the Royal Palms resort for our couples stone massage. It was wonderful! We then spent some time beside the pool enjoying the sun and upper 70's temps.
After soaking up a little sun, we enjoyed lunch at Deluxe Burger and then came home for a quick nap. I then headed over to the salon to get a hair trim and a blow out for date night. I was not in love with the blow out.

I wanted this (or as close to it as I could get with my thin hair):

and I got this: She just did sorta pin curls and then undid them. I'm thinking there should have been a lot of round brushing and a curling iron. Right? I hate my hair! I wish it was thicker like it was pre-pregnancy!

Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner at Pappadeaux. Oysters, filet and lobster - OH MY! I also let myself have 1 glass of wine.

My and my Honey. I was super excited to be in  a dress that zips and have it be a slightly too big size 8. Then I see this pic and I think - I look HUGE. I hate pictures! 

 We rounded the rest of our weekend with riding lessons for Sofia and some couch/tv time. PERFECT!

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Brittney said...

Well sister, you don't see yourself like others do! You look beautiful (and your hair isn't like the sample...but it looks great!). Cut yourself some slack, beautiful! :)