Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Monday already? How does it come around so quickly?

Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend. It was warm and sunny here (what a shocker for AZ) all weekend. Not quite warm enough for the pool...but almost!

Friday morning I took pics while driving to work. OK technically I was sitting in traffic. Random.

 Friday night I took Sofia and her friend AB to see The Lego Movie. Cute but not all that. I think Sofia was right - it's a boy movie!

After the movie, we walked over to see Sofia's artwork that is on display at a local coffee shop. She was super proud of herself!

BTW - this is the fifth movie I have been to since going Whole30/Paleo and still no craving or cheat with popcorn. Yay me!

Saturday the highlight of my day was my run! 10 miles at a pace I'm  not ashamed of!!
We spent the rest of the day making plans for summer vacation with the kids (Orlando) and we had some sushi.

Yesterday was a lazy day as usual that started too early because I forgot to turn my alarm off. UGH 6:45am.

I took Sofia to riding lessons and then came home to yummy goodness my Honey had smoked on the grill! YUMMY!

We are totally OVER boneless, skinless chicken breasts at our house. We have switched to thighs. We buy them with bone and skin and then remove at home. SO much more flavor and way less expensive. We grilled these breasts for shredding in an attempt to use them up. Are you a thigh fan? I used to think of them as the "crab leg of the chicken" - meaning a whole lot of work for not a lot of meat. BUT if you de-bone them they are just fine!

The rest of the weekend was filled with random tv, grocery shopping and that is about it. What exciting things did you do this weekend?


Brittney said...

Thoughts: LOVE your chevron top. Agree that the Lego Movie was a boy movie. Cute but not my fave. I like chicken thighs, but I can't deal with bones. I buy them boneless skinless and can cook them. But they are more expensive that way.

Laura said...

WTG, Fia on your art work!! That's awesome! Thanks for the heads up about the movie. Alise is wanting to see it, but she's on Spring Break next week with Wayne, so I told them they could see it then because I absolutely have NO desire to see that one! But the popcorn? I can't go to a movie without popcorn!! We double dated this weekend and saw the new Kevin Costner movie, 3 Days to Kill, or something like that and it was pretty good.

This chic doesn't eat meat with bones in it. I'll stick to boneless, skinless breasts. I buy them by the bag for like $7 bucks at Sam's.

Anonymous said...

10 miles is my favorite distance. Also, that is awesome your daughter go artwork hung up in Strbucks. That is too cool.