Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's almost time for Vegas!

We are headed to Vegas next weekend and I am SO excited! WE are celebrating our anniversary and going to eat yummy food, drink and see Jerry Seinfeld!

In honor of the trip, I am going today to get my first ever spray tan. I am sorta nervous, but I know I am in good hands. The lady I am going to does all the spray tanning for the local pageant girls. I mean who knows spray tans better than pageant girls? Have you spray tanned? Any tips/tricks I need to know?

So clearly I needed to buy a new outfit. And shoes. Fine, 2 pairs of shoes. So below is my Saturday night outfit. I'm still putting the rest of it together!


Brittney said...

Spray tan tips: shower first. Pull your hair back, and wear the hairnet thingy farther back off your forehead so you don't have a line. Apply the barrier cream/spray (if they don't have any....don't get sprayed there!) to your ankles, knees, wrists, and fingers/fingernails. Have them spray a second coat over your insecure spots...being more tan there will make you feel good! :) Let it sit overnight and take it easy in the shower/drying off for a few days so the tan lasts. :) Lotion is your friend for extending your tan. And I want to hear ALL about Vegas b/c we are headed there in October! :)

Laura said...

Listen to Brittney, you HAWT Mama!!

Jennifer said...

I've never spray tanned... i'd totally end up like ross.

jealous of your trip to vegas! how fun!

and i think i need those shoes. no idea when i'd wear them, but i need them anyway.