Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy St. Patty's Day y'all! This is how I celebrated last night:

Honey was in TX this weekend visiting his boys so Sofia and I had a girls weekend!

Friday night she had gymnastics and I went for a run ( I had major lack of motivation last week and ate poorly - hence the sad run).

Saturday, however, we started the morning off right! I took her to breakfast at Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles and well, if you haven't been, you are missing out!

She's excited and she has terrible chapped lips!

We also went to a horse show. We are both HUGE horse fans and now that she is in lessons each week, she really wanted to go.

We also went to the movies, at Chinese food and vegged out the rest of Saturday. Oh, only after stopping by Ross and finding tons of flip flops we needed, a pair of wedges and some sandals.

Sunday was my long run day and I did 12 miles! Woo Hoo!! My half marathon is in 2 weeks and I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I'm far off from my PR time but it should still be a pretty good run.

That's it for my weekend! I was happy to see Honey when he got home last night and this weekend we are headed to Vegas!


Laura said...

I hope you guys have fun in Vegas this weekend! When I clicked on your post, I remembered y'all are headed there. ARe you gonna enjoy it and eat anything you want or still stick to your diet plan? Just curious since you have a run coming up. Not sure about that whole chicken and waffles thing.

The Mrs. said...

OMG those waffles look amazing!!!

Jodee said...

What a fun girls weekend! I am sooo jealous of your running abilities. I am fairly certain that I couldn't run across the street!

Hope you have a great time in Vegas! I haven't been to Vegas since 2001. Boo hoo!