Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Take me out to the ball game....

It's Springtime in AZ, which means major league baseball is in town for Spring Training games. Now I'm no baseball fan, but I do enjoy being outside and spending time with my Honey so hey, why not?

We went to see the Cubs play the Royals at their new stadium, Cubs Park.

This stadium is brand new and beautiful (except can we get some wifi?) and has lots of great photo ops if you are a Cubs fan.

Gorgeous mural/sign on the wall outside of the park and they have a volunteer that will take your picture.

Ok, we aren't Bill or Carly, but we didn't want to wait in the line to get our name added to the sign! But a cute idea, none the less!

So as you might remember, I've been eating Whole30 style since the New Year. Well this weekend I decided after 60 days of purely clean eating, I was going to get crazy. So it started with lunch on Saturday that looked like this:

...and then it continued through Sunday at the game which I kicked off with this:

After all, can you really watch a baseball game and not drink beer? Or have 1/2 a hamburger and 1/2 a Chicago-style hotdog. Or kettle corn? Or a mint Oreo Blizzard on the way home? The answer is no. No you can not. (don't worry, I'm back on the Paleo bandwagon today)

Look how not happy that man behind me is! Also, I've switched to Tarte face powder after being a long-time Bare Minerals fan. I think I'm liking it! Random.

It was kinda gloomy this weekend but the sun did manage to come out for most of the game and we had a great time enjoying baseball food and drinks!

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