Monday, March 3, 2014

The ColorDash 5k

First off - it FINALLY rained in AZ this weekend! It has been over 3 months I think!

Despite the rainy weather outside, on Saturday morning Sofia and I laced up our shoes and headed out for the ColorDash 5k Fun  Run. Now - let me just say I don't like fun runs. I'm too serious and take running too seriously and have a hard time not being competitive. However, Sofia wanted to run in the event so who am I to deny her of some fitness and fun?

The shirts are bright and colorful and this really is a fun event for kids.  When you register they give you a couple of color packets to play with so that you can add some more color to your shirt (and body)!

What? You don't store extra color packets in your sports bra?

This color mixture is corn starch but it does stain the skin (and white sports bras) and it takes 2 showers to come off.

The race started and Honey started his watch so we would know our finish time and off we went! Sofia did so good! She ran the whole 5k, I talked with her about her breathing and posture and how to control her pace so that she would last the full distance and not have to walk any!

During the race, as you pass each kilometer, they shower you in more color!

 Here we are heading into the finish line!

I am SO proud of her. We finished (with no walking) in just under 28 minutes! Not bad at all!

*as a side note, can we just talk about the fact that my 10 year old is taller than my shoulders and wears only 1 size smaller tennis shoe than I do? Yikes!


Laura said...

Oh. my. God. I think I'll just call you the "crazy-Gatsby-costume-designer-that-pulled-her-acceptance-speech-out-of-her-bra-on-Oscar-night." Acceptance speech, relay paint. What does it matter?

Becky M said...

Oh how fun! Great pictures!