Thursday, January 28, 2010

100th Day of School

Today was the 100th day of school and the kids got to celebrate in a special way!

Each child was given a hat last week that they had to bring home and decorate with 100 things.  I of course, love these kinds of projects!  I had to make sure I did not turn this into my own project! 

This is what we picked to decorate her hat:

  1. 10 pennies
  2. 10 band-aids
  3. 10 googly eyes
  4. 10 cotton balls
  5. 10 sequin/jewel things that we shaped into an “S” (you know I love a monogram)
  6. 10 glittery princess stickers
  7. 10 foam sticker flowers
  8. 10 safety pins
  9. 10 pony tail holders
  10. 10 strips of ribbon

Check it out!

P1270129 P1270124  P1270126 P1270127 P1270128


In other fun school news, I have somehow gotten myself on the decorating committee (I think as the chair) for her school’s Sock Hop next week!  I volunteered to help decorate and then not sure how I got so involved!  We have a meeting in the morning and I will no a little bit more about my job!  I guess this weekend I will be making poodle skirts for us!


Laura said...

Kewl hat! Make sure you post pics of the Sock Hop! I think it's funny that a school that doesn't recognize Christmas is having a Sock Hop.

Shell said...

Adorable! You're so creative!

I bet you come up with some cute things for the sock hop!