Monday, January 18, 2010

Going Green is fun..when it is this cute!

While out and about in search of the infamous Twinkle Toes this weekend, I found these pretty things at TJ Maxx!  This year I am trying to be a little more green.  Now before you go getting all excited – we are talking about small changes!  One of which is we actually started using our recycle bin!  We have recycle service every Friday but have never used it!  However, Sofia’s school has a “Green Team” that must be doing some pretty serious recycle educating at school because she came home preaching to me about going green, recycle symbols and all kinds of stuff.  So we have started recycling our stuff and just this past week out the big, blue bin out for the very first time!  I was actually amazed at all the stuff in it that would have normally filled our trash can!  Now don’t go thinking I need an award or anything…I still leave the water running while I brush my teeth!

Anyway back to the cute things I found at TJ Maxx..see for yourselves!

2010 January 16 Race, Lauren's Party, Shopping 103   2010 January 16 Race, Lauren's Party, Shopping 1012010 January 16 Race, Lauren's Party, Shopping 102

These shopping bags are huge!  How cute will I be at the grocery store with my cute plastic bag not needed, preppy pink and green reusable shopping bags?

Best part - .99 each!  I bought 4 to add to my collection of shopping bags.  I also use these for Goodwill donation carting, take them with me to the farmer’s market and to yard sales!  I say hurry on out and get some of the fancy “do-gooder” bags!


Maggie Elizabeth said...

I LOVE those BAGS!!! They are so cute!! I was just there the other day and I did not see those!! I am going back!!
Have a great day!!

Valerie said...

Pier 1 also had some cute bags over the holidays. I bought a black & white toile one. It's very large and pretty sturdy. At Christmas, they had a nice variety of bags.

Shell said...

Those are so cute! I'll have to go check them out. I've only found ugly reusable bags.

amywelborn said...

Our TJ Maxx had those too!! Should have bought them...ugh!!! Love them!

InsLady said...

I must say I'm a "do-gooder" when it comes to using the shopping bags, however, I must say "These are just the cutest!" Love them!

jill said...

oooh! how pretty!!! go you! and i leave the water running while i brush my teeth too. :)