Sunday, January 17, 2010

All About MEme: All about Books

brought to you by SupahMommy & MommyBrain

So I just started reading SupahMommy’s blog and her blog is great!  Always a laugh and super fun topics.  Today (well Monday really) is All About Books.  Make sure you head on over and play along!

What are you currently reading?
Nothing right now –in a reading lull.  I go up and down.  When I am reading – I am reading ALL THE TIME!  But it has been a few months.

When do you find the time to read?
At night after Sofia is in bed.

Where do you do most of your reading?
I usually read in bed or at the dance studio while waiting on Sofia.

How do you choose what you read?
What does the cover look like?  Read the inside panel.  I only read fiction.  I will admit, I like a little smut – or at least some romance!  Yes, I also read the entire Twilight series…twice.  Team Edward all the way.

From where do you get most of your books?
From the Goodwill or other thrift stores. Sometimes yard sales.  I like to own the books I read (in case they  get wet in the tub, etc.).  Plus, I also do not want to pay $20 for something that I will be done with in a couple of days.  I buy them cheap at the Goodwill, read them, then I usually donate them to the “Friends of the Library” group so the library can sell them too!

What do you do with a book after you've finished reading it?
see above.  I will also just give them away to folks at work.

What are your book (reading) quirks?

hmmmm, well not sure.  I hate the paper cover things and remove them ASAP.  I never use a book mark (I fold down corners) I don’t read anything set back in time.  Only GWTW.  I need current stuff.  Also, I do not like to read anything that contains characters who would be speaking with an English accent.  I know, crazy but when I read I hear the voices of those I am reading about and well, this southern gal just can’t do a good English accent.  I did however make an exception for the Shopaholic series. 

How about you?  What are you reading this winter?


Amber said...

OMG I love the Shopaholic Series! and the movie too. Sadly I don't own any of the shopaholic books. Those are now on my list of books that I must buy!

BJ_Mama said...

Does everyone read in the bathroom besides me????

I go in streaks too....(or reading that is) ;)

Epiphius said...

I hadn't thought about donating to friends of the library! That's a great idea!

Shell said...

I see nothing wrong with a little smut. And I totally judge a book by its cover- and its title.

Evonne said...

I hate the paper covers on a book. I always take them off. But I do have to use a book mark.