Monday, January 11, 2010

My Little Orphan

Little Orphan Sofia that is!  Sofia auditioned for a local production of Annie tonight.  She tried out for the part of Molly along with a bunch of other little girls.  Of course, most wanted to be Annie.  Sofia wanted to be Molly, Sandy (the dog) or any other part.  I get the feeling she will be Orphan #7 or something like that!  She sang “Hard Knock Life” and had to sing all by herself.  I was very proud of her!   She should hear in the next week which role she will have.  Each child will have at least one solo line in a song or in the play.  Should be lots of fun!  There were serious stage moms present.  Some children brought props with them.  Wow.

On another note, Sofia got her first report card (as seen below)

2009-2010 1st semester report card edited

Pretty good overall.  No “N'” areas so that is a good thing. 

Moving on – The Bachelor---OMG CRAZY show!  CRAZY women!  This is going to be a drama-filled season!  I have not watched this show in several years but I think I picked a good year to start back!


Laura said...

OMGoodness! What a report card!

Good luck, Sofia!!

amywelborn said...

Oh, how fun will Annie be??!! So cute. Can't wait to see pics!

And the gonna be good....

Sarah said...

How much fun - I LOVE Annie! I can't wait to hear who she gets to be!!!