Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Annie Update and all things dance and ballet

I mentioned recently that Sofia had auditioned for Annie with the local Children’s theatre group.  I am happy to say she is an Orphan!  She will get to belt out “Hard Knock Life” and that makes her very happy!  Here is her name on the official cast list:

Annie Cast

Orphans: Abby Strickler, Madison James, Merrie Pressman, Alexis Harris, Ashley Hayden, Sofia Herrera, Addison Kaske, Haleigh Altenberger, Hannah Littler, Averie Kaske, Katie Alperin, Bella Padilla, Briana Sprinz

She was super excited about it because her 2 friends are also orphans!  Who knew being an orphan could be so great! 

This semester of dance she has moved up to Intermediate ballet and that makes me very happy!  In her other class, a lot of the teaching time was taken up by younger girls needing water, bathroom breaks and just generally playing around instead of dancing.  This should help her progress better so that when Nutcracker rolls around next year, she will be ready!  She has a long list of parts she plans to try out for!

She is also still taking her Musical Theatre class that is her favorite for sure!  In June at the recital, they will be performing The Lion King!  It should be awesome!

Then she added another class on Tuesday nights – gymnastics/acrobatics.  She is the youngest in class but knows the other girls and is doing AWESOME!  Right now they are perfecting unassisted standing backbends and one-handed cartwheels.  She is exhausted after this class each week. 

Coming soon….a post on my weight loss journey that begins tomorrow am! 

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