Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some things I’m thinking about for the New Year

So those of you that know me, know that I have trouble sticking with anything for a realllllly long time.  So of course, resolutions usually fail.  SO this year instead of calling them resolutions, I’m just going to try to work on the following:

  • keep my car clean cleaner than I have done in the past.  I mean, I am paying for the darn thing for a few more years so I need to take care of it.
  • lower my weight.  See I think if I say lower it instead of lose “x” amounts of pounds it seems a little more doable.  I do have a number in mind and it is a lot.  Like losing the amount of weight that Sofia weighs lot. ok moving on….
  • SAVE MONEY – enough said.  I am not a saver. I suck at it. I am the worst at it.  I have got to change. 
  • STOP SPENDING MONEY -  same as the above.  I buy stuff for no reason and then end of giving it away so I never have enough put away for big events or emergencies. 
  • FOLLOW A BUDGET – see the previous 2 bullets.
  • Have more FUN – with Sofia and with my friends. I’m not that old – but boy I feel too old.
  • Travel outside the US. I have my place in mind and I hope to do it in June.

There – now it is up to ya’ll to help hold me accountable!

On the lower my weight front-  I walked/jogged pushing Sofia in our new bike trailer/stroller on Friday for nearly 2 hours and yesterday we hiked up a mountain and back for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Man Sofia is tough!  Today I did weights at home. I have been tracking all my foods since Friday using Daily Burn.  It is a really great site and easy to use.  Oh and free.

I have taken 3 loads of stuff to the Goodwill over the last 3 days!  I cleaned out every closet and cabinet.  Huh, no wonder I do not feel like I have been off of work!

Now for the most important and major news of the weekend…..

Sofia has eaten 3 of these since Saturday:

this is huge – remember no fruits or veggies are eaten by this child.

and even bigger than the bananas – she ate this:

Grilled Mahi Mahi picture

Grilled Mahi Mahi – FISH!!!  Yes the first time ever!  No this is not what ours looked like, I didn’t take a picture.  Yes – I did lie to her initially and tell her it was chicken.  Then, when she was finished I cheered and said “Way to go Fia – you just ate fish”!  She smiled then started crying!  So mad at me for tricking her! She later calmed down and we chatted about sometimes our head telling us things and holding us back from trying new things. So then today – guess what she wanted for dinner?????  You got it – FISH!

It really is the little things that count!

On to more random things.  Last night I worked for 2 hours organizing all the photos on my computer and getting rid of 3097 a few.  When I got my new computer last January, I was not able to bring over many of the photos from my old system.  So basically all pictures from 2005-2008 are scrapbooked or on Snapfish – but not on my computer.  So I spent a really long time on Snapfish doing “save as” to the pictures (I am only done with 2005 and some of 06) and saving them to my computer.  They would not be print quality, but at least I now have them and can insert them here or Smilebox, etc. 

So after looking at all those pics and remembering all the fun times – just thought I would show a few of my faves I came across over the years.




and perhaps one of my all-time favorites – in Vegas, in the bathtub, wearing her cowboy hat!


My bathtub cowgirl!

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Laura said...

Way to go, Sofia!!!

I can't help but laugh! Tonight was the first night that Alise and I did her devotional book (see my blog) and the first lesson was about "honesty." And then I read your blog about how you tricked Sofia into eating fish! Good grief!

And I love that you call her "Fia."