Sunday, January 10, 2010

Warning: do not let this family have any more pets…

I love animals.  Honestly I do.  But I think I do lack that gene that makes me a “pet lover”.  See I  don’t want to have to walk my dog unless I happen to be going for a walk.  I don’t want to have to worry about things being torn up.  I don’t want to have to take you to the dr. and pay more for you than I do my own child.  I am not gonna buy you a monthly prescription.  I’m not gonna dress you up in clothes or let you ride on my lap as I drive my car around.  I’m not even gonna let you ride in my car with me to pick up my child from school.  Now there is nothing wrong with all those things and  sometimes wish I felt that way about animals….but I don’t. 

Sometimes I think it would be lovely to have good ole’ buddy sleeping at the foot of my bed.  But then I start thinking about good ole buddy making my comforter stink or doing who knows what while I am sleeping. 

That being said, I have almost always had a dog.  But when it comes time to part with them, it is easy for me.  I don’t have that attached feeling to them for some reason.  Recently we added Lilly to our family. Remember?  Well, Lilly is bored.  Lilly tears up everything.  Lilly is wild.  Lilly is huge.  Lilly barks too much.  Lilly got the cops called to our house for barking.  Lilly made angry neighbors beat on my door last week.  Lilly is now living in Prescott! 

Funny part is – Sofia was not  the least bit sad to see her go.   I think she knew it was unfair for Lilly to be alone all day.  So I am telling you we do not need another animal.  Oh and of course Sofia is already asking for another puppy. NO!!!  Maybe when she is older and she can care for it on her own.  We are way to busy – 3 hours of dance per week, 2 hours of church on Wednesday night, 1 hour of Children’s Theatre plus a little thing called school and Work. 

I know I am terrible.  In fact if you have been following my blog for long, you will know this is the 3rd dog we have had in 2 years.  We also had a cat.  We also had a fish.  We also had a bird.  We had a guinea pig that died and was replaced (darn).  Pretty sure my picture should be posted somewhere with a warning to not allow me to have a new animal. 

Having said all that – my dear pet loving friends – I love your pets and will be happy to let them sit with me and heck, even sleep at the foot of my bed!  Kinda like grandparents and their grandchildren – the spend time with them and spoil them rotten and then send them back to their parents for the raising!


CRICKET said...

Animals take so much more time and resources then most think about when they are all excited about getting one. Somehow for me a "dog" has completed our family, our children love her and although she requires a lot of "extra" stuff she completes us.

Laura said...

Totally agree. Lovin' the new layout btw!