Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Baby Shower

The baby shower was a great success yesterday and we really surprised the mommy to be! Great food and conversation was had by all. We actually had a really yucky day at work so it was a nice end to the day. Cute presents but the Target giftcards I ordered online did not come in the mail soon enough so we had to give her a "pretend" gift card.

Sofia and I are going to watch the football game tomorrow night so that should be fun. She has a soccer clinic first. Saturday is the first game and she is excited!

We stopped by GW yesterday and found some cute things, I'll take pictures this weekend and post and share.

I am so ready for fall, every day the mailman delivers clothes for Sofia that I bought off of eBay (from my sales of course) and she can't wear any of them!!!

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Laura said...

Why can't Sofia wear the clothes? Because of the weather? The last purchase I made off Ebay, I wasn't happy with at all. I'm going to try to re-Ebay it, if that's possible.

Glad the shower went well. I've never been impressed with Target's shipping. It's always late!