Saturday, September 13, 2008

What has happened to the Friday Night Lights?

Ok while I realize I am getting older (as a matter of fact I can add one more year to the tally on Tuesday), I felt reallllllly old on Friday night at the local high school football game.

It was also very evident that I was not in the good ole South watching the game. A few observations:

  • Gelato at the game (you know that thick ice cream kinda stuff)

  • Jamba Juice Trailer (smoothie company)

  • Quesadilla's fresh off the grill

  • last but certainly not least....Starbucks Trailer--is nothing safe anymore????

  • All the Seniors where shirts with their names on them--now not a t-shirt, a custom-made Nike bsketball-type sleeveless jersey. I heard a parent say they each cost more than $100

  • The stands 1/2 full on the homeside, 1/4 full on the visitor side--the visiting team is like 15 miles away. Geez, we drove 1+ hours sometimes in high school

  • no more homemade cheerleader signs (you know "beat the Tigers", "Go Team", etc crafted on butcher block paper and lining the fence--oh now, they have permanent banners they take with them.

  • The big paper sign the team runs thru--it too is a plastic banner and they just drop it on the ground and the team runs over it.

  • no more passing a hat around at the end of the game to collect $$ to feed the team dinner afterwards.

  • Then of course toss in all the piercings, tatoos, etc on the high school set and that just made it even more strange
Now please leave me a comment if these changes have taken place back home and I am just out of the loop!!!

There were some things that were nice to see:

  • the band--very good, yet still mostly the geeks (hope I don't offend anyone--this was the case when I was in school)

  • the band played the same touch down song we did

  • The student section--stood the whole game

  • stadium seats--still just as hard and uncomfortable

Overall, we had a great time and Sofia keeps asking to go back, so I think we will make a plan to see the home games.

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Laura said...

OMG!! I can't believe the differences in Southwestern v. southeastern football! We live for football, here!