Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nicholas Sparks

So while reading fiction may or may not make me the most well-educated person in the country, I do love the fiction. My favorite of course.....Nicholas Sparks (as seen above). I have read them all and I must say I don't think I have ever finished one without tears. I just finished this one (it is an older one I had just missed):

I am also very excited about the movie coming out next week for this book:

I am sure it will be a tearfest--oh and what's even better--it stars Richard Gere. I'm just sayin!


Laura said...

I've read a few Nicholas Sparks books - mostly his earlier books. They all started running together because they seemed the same to me. I haven't read one in a while. Probably not since "A Walk to Remember."

Madras and Martinis said...

Hubby and I went to see Nights in Rodanthe tonite...if you haven't seen it yet make sure you take Kleenex. It was excellent!