Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy Weekend and Soccer

Yesterday we went and picked out Sofia's soccer ball and shin guards. She starts soccer practice on Monday and then her first game is next weekend. I can't wait to see how she does. There will certainly be pictures of that.

Tonight is the cheerleading performance (from the clinic) at the high school football game. All the kids who came to the clinic, get to perform on the field at half-time. I hope to be able to get video of this. They should all be very cute in their navy shorts and Desert Vista T-Shirts. She says she is excited--we will see once we get there.

Tomorrow Sofia is going to a Tiny Tots Preschool Horsmanship class. It is a surprise for her. I found out about yesterday, while scanning Craigs Lists for pony rides for her birthday. It is 1 1/2 hours and all the kids get to ride. They only allow 6 kids in the class and she was the last one. So I think she should have a really good time. It has started to cool off a little bit in the mornings so I hope it will be pleasant.

Saturday, I am excited I will be able to watch a little bit of WAAAAAAAAR EAGLE football on TV (thank you ESPN2).

Other than that, just house cleaning this weekend realllllly good since all of my coworkers will be at my house on Wednesday for the baby shower. This actually should not be too much work since I cleaned a lot last weekend as well.

On a side note, Sofia is now up to 10 green peas with her dinner. Tonight should be 11, but we might take a break today since it is Football Friday.
Have a great weekend!

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Laura said...

Gosh, you guys seem to always have something fun to do!! Have a great weekend!